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Unique DeFi Platform

The Poolify Finance protocol is built for the community and driven by the community. Our pools will allow you to farm $PLFY and become part of a unique community that will revolutionize the Metaverse ecosystem.

Collaborative Driven Platform

The Poolify platform is community driven. Stake $PLFY and become part of a powerful community that has the responsibility to decide strategies, features, and priorities of the platform.

Crypto-backed Stablecoin

Collateralised your deposits to borrow USDp, so that you can use it inside the Poolify Finance to earn additional yield. USDp is overcollateralized by a collection of top digital assets, including ETH, BNB and USDT.


Road Map

February 2022

Go-live of the Poolify Website and release of documentation / whitepaper. Start of marketing campaigns and release of the presale registration form.

April 2022

Release of the presale whitelist. Running marketing campaigns to promote the project

May 2022

Launch of the presale. Start of Preparation for public IFO

June 2022

Public Sale as IDO. Airdrop of $PLFY tokens to Presale investors and launch of the Poolify Beta platform.

August 2022

Deployment of the governance module for $PLFY holders. Token holders will be eligible voters that can prioritize and shape the roadmap. From now on, the community is the captain!

September 2022

Release of $USDp, the official Poolify Finance stable coin

TBD - 2023

Roadmap to be updated with features prioritized by the community


Token Details

  • Ticker:PLFY
  • Contract:Coming Soon
  • Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Max Supply:100'000'000 (100 Million)

No additional tokens will be created after the initial distribution. After the sale, additional $PLFY can be directly bought on our Dex or farmed as rewards by using the Poolify Pools.

Token Distribution

  • Staking Wallet
  • Sale Allocation
  • Ecosystem
  • Founders & Team
  • Warchest
  • Partnerships


Project Contributors

Poolify Finance is an open source project. As a decentralized organization, we don’t have CEOs, CTOs, or CMOs, but rather contributors who are driven by a common goal – to create a community-driven defi platform that makes it easy for every individual to enter the Metaverse.

Guillaume Rebmann

Technical Architect | Software Engineer

Guillaume has been interested in Crypto since he started developing Forex trading programs in 2016. He is a senior software engineer working for a Silicon Valley technology company and will be contributing to the co-development of the open source project.


Operations | Cloud Platform Architect

Virtual is a crypto enthusiast who has worked with several Fortune 500 companies over the past 6 years. Currently employed by a Silicon Valley technology company, Virtual will contributing to the project by taking care of Operations and Cloud Infrastructure.


Strategy Manager | Solution Architect

Shadow is a web 3.0 trailblazer, currently working for a Fortune 500 company. Shadow will contribute by aligning the team strategies and eventually supporting the development.


Frequently Asked Questions

Poolify Finance is not just another DeFi Platform. Actually, the DeFi service plays only a minor role compared to the features that the overall ecosystem will contain. Contrary to other big players in the DeFi market, Poolify will not print unlimited tokens but have a hard cap of 100 Million tokens that will be distributed as part of the presale / public sale and through multiple farming services. Additionally to that, the platform will be completely Open Source and Community driven. No centralized decision-making - the community will shape the roadmap. Holding $PLFY will allow users to become active members of the community by voting on platform features and prioritization of backlog items.

With the release of our DeFi platform users will be able to stake in Poolify Vaults that will generate claimable rewards. In the initial phase of the project we will integrate with Pancake Swap on the Binance Smart Chain and use their pools that to generate $CAKE rewards. If the users decides to claim his rewards, the $CAKE will be sent to the PoolifyFactory where it will be exchanged for $PLFY. The final end-rewards are given in $PLFY while $Cake will be deposit to the community fund. With the deployment of the Poolify Governance Module voters will be able to decide what strategy should be applied using the community funds. Possible strategies would be: Airdrops, Boosted Rewards, Buy-Backs etc.

You will have 3 options to get $PLFY.
- As part of the initial token distribution from our presale and public sale
- By using the Poolify Express swap service (DEX)
- By farming $PLFY using various Vaults

Depending on the Presale and Public Sale platform it might be required for investors to go through a KYC (Know your customer) process. That means individuals from specific countries where local regulations do not allow the participation in token sales will not get a spot in our whitelisted.

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